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Project Status: early mid-beta

2003-07-28 - Status update
Ok, I haven't updated the page in a while. What has happened in that time? Well, the game is being developed. My main focus of development is currently the level editor. It's nearing completion (or at least a stage where it can be useable). Also a big change has taken place in the internal workings of the game - now all the objects in a level are divided into invisible squares. This way only creatures in a close proximty of the screen move - no need to waste clock cycles on updating those penguins 2 miles away... The menu system has also gotten a complete redesign. When i feel the level editor is good enough, I'll release the code.

2003-07-04 - v0.3.1
Updates include: modified title screen, splitscreens, multiplayer support, creature collisions.

2003-06-30 - v0.3 released
I've released the first beta of the game. Check it out and have fun! Documentation, credits and everything is coming soom. And know that the beta does not represent the state of the final game.

2003-06-25 - Another update
A new screenshot is up which shows snow falling. I'm currenty implementing items. They should be in place some time soon. Also know that the code in the CVS is a few days old since i haven't made any code commits. For some reason I can't access the sourceforge cvs server directly from here, so it's quite annoying to keep it at a 'bleeding edge' state. The code will be updated when new and exciting changes take place.

2003-06-20 - CVS & misc updates
I placed all of the code into the CVS repository. Feel free to checkout and experiment. This doc contains information on how to do so. The PROJECTNAME is tux-n-run and the MODULENAME is tux_n_run. Projectwise, i've gotten enough code written so that you can move around on the screen. Among other things I'll be spending a month in Sweden, away from my home starting this Saturday/Sunday. I will work on the code while I'm there though, so progess on the game will not come to a halt.

2003-06-19 - Update
The project's going good. I added some pre-alpha images of the game into the screenshots section. You may go and check them out now.

2003-06-15 - Status
The project is coming along smoothly. I've added a status indicator to the page so you could see how much has already been done. I'll make the game fully functional before releasing any files or creating the CVS repository.

2003-06-13 - Tux-n-Run is born!
Started the project today. I'll rewrite most of my old code from Teh Tux Game and start from scratch. You should expect something here in the next few days.

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